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Shipbuilding is a highly specialised occupation encompassing a wide range of valuable skills. Although changes and regulations in recent years, the UK shipbuilding industry is still the world-leading marine centre.

MMarine understandsboth the desire for advanced design in vessels and meeting the industry high standards, vessels being certified as seaworthy, as well as guaranteeing that they comply with health and safety regulations before leaving the shipyard.

The Company

Formed in 2008 by Mustafa Kemal Torlak, MMarine is the result of generations of Torlak family expertise in the shipbuilding field. As a result of a mission to provide more global business solutions, Mustafa sought to review the business strategy of his family's shipbuilding companies, introducing MMarine as the answer for niche target markets via the provision of shipbuilding and engineering services from more than one country.

MMarine focuses on a product range exclusively for the niche shipping market, designing and developing vessels for Offshore purposes and other specialist marine areas.

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Innovative Building & Construction

At MMarine our expertise lies in innovative and customised shipbuilding. We design and produce ships using the latest technologies, and using our know-how to provide a range of top-quality ships for this diverse sector.

The craftsmanship of our products and the experience of our experts sets us apart from our competitors. Our main priority is the complete satisfaction of our clients, and we aim to offer the best response to every request. We are true, reliable partners for our customers, and we offer a range of building options to suit various requirements and needs.

Vessel & Ship Design

Many shipyards have the capacity to design various cargo and passenger vessels. At MMarine we can create a diverse range of ships. These include, but are not limited to, offshore security patrol vessels, PSVs, AHTS, tug boats and special workboats.

In addition our expertise covers chemical tankers, cargo vessels, product tankers, container vessels, tugboats, mega yachts and bulk carriers.

State-of-the-art Facilities

Our shipbuilding facility features state-of-the-art technology, allowing us to produce ships that are compliant, safe, efficient and of the highest quality. Compliance is important within the shipping and marine industries, which is why we ensure all of our vessels are designed and created to meet and exceed current regulations and standards.

If you require an innovative, custom-designed ship, please call or email MMarine today. We aim to communicate with our clients during every step of the process - including the planning, design and construction phases.

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